Issue 30 – Fall 2021 

Billy Joel is a famous singer/songwriter and he was at his height of popularity at the end of the 1980’s. The story of We Didn’t Start the Fire goes like this:

While recording in the studio in 1989 Billy Joel met a woman who would turn 20 in a few days. They got to talking and she told him the 1980’s was absolutely the worst era in which to come of age. Billy Joel got thinking about that and having been born in 1949 he started recalling all of the changes he had experienced between 1949 and 1989. The music legend wrote We Didn’t Start the Fire, quickly like a stream of consciousness. If you are familiar with the song some of it is nonsensical and some of it really deep. I guess that is indicative of life in some ways. However, the kids growing up in this pandemic have experienced an unusual volume of difficulties. 

March 16, 2020 Rolling Stones magazine David Browne did an article about a Twitter post that suggested the world needed new lyrics for We Didn’t Start the Fire. Many wrote in posting potential new words to the song. I wrote my own version describing what kids have been experiencing in the last few months.

Kids in 2020-2021 be like:

Covid 19, Pandemic, Vaccine, two shots, three shots never enough.

Wuhai, laboratory, hazmat, rapid test, too much too digestPPE, 811, China is the smoking gun.

Trudeau, Rideau Cottage/Hall, Trump Administration, Biden calls

Storm the capital, Jasmeet Singh, Annamie Paul won’t run again.

We did start the fire- it’s been burning since the apple in mother eve’s eye has been turning 

We started the fire 

Sin’s trail lit and we’ve been fighting it ever since she bit. 

Statues down all around, street names changed, no parades 

Residential Schools, finding graves, flags half mast, shadow cast how long will this feeling last?

Houses burnt, people hurt, Nova Scotia rampage, Canada’s disconcert

George Floyd, BLM, when will things be right again?

CEBA loan, on the CERB, economic downturn. 

Herd Immunity, Vaccine Pass, Conspiracy Theory’s doubt is cast. 

We did start the fire it’s been burning since the apple in mother eve’s eye has been turning 

We started the fire 

Sin’s trail lit and we’ve been fighting ever since she bit. 

Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, new state of emergency

Online school, cancel friends, will the virtual world ever end? 

Angry fists in the air, CUPE strikers everywhere, 

Stop school, the pensions sold, workers think the offer’s cold 

Higgs? Russell? Circuit Break How much more can these kids take?

There certainly is no mistaking that kids today are experiencing a higher level of anxiety than any time in recent history. March 2020 hit us in a time when kids were already experiencing a high level of anxiety/fear/despair. What is the answer to this pandemic problem? We want to realign/reimagine our future and expectations in this time. CAFNB with the sponsorship of the Baptist Foundation is working on a campaign to encourage youth to rekindle their hope, their future, their joy and their deep abiding peace of God. Please stay tuned for more details of this campaign in 2022!

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Marsha’s Comings and Goings

I have been excited to get back on the road a bit this fall. I was pleased to share with the teachers at Valley Christian Academy about the importance of impressing the heart of the Gospel on our students. I was blessed to update the congregation of Minto Baptist Church on the work of the mission this fall and give a word from the book of Philippians. Paul encourages us in this book to not lose our sense of mission even when things get difficult (Paul writes this letter from prison). I was pleased to present a chapel service at New Brunswick Bible Institute and challenge the students to keep the faith in this time and encourage them to be a light to their generation. I had the blessing to share at the Hatfield Point Baptist Church Mission’s Conference about the Cannabis campaign and the upcoming anxiety campaign. Matthew and I had the privilege of encouraging youth to take the pledge not to take cannabis in during their teen years at: Sussex Christian School, Lady of Perpetual Help School and Hatfield Point Youth Group. This presentation is interactive and very user friendly for any group. I look forward to being with groups in person in the days and weeks ahead.


You should not be weighed down while shooting towards your dreams. Life can be lived to its fullest when you are substance free.

Check out the Climbing Higher video:

Christmas Chaos

Chaos means a state of utter confusion. This word could be used to describe the last year and also could be used to describe that first Christmas Season. Last year I asked the question would the vaccine be the answer to all of our chaos? Now that we are over 80% vaccinated in NB we could say we are no longer confident the vaccine will bring freedom from Covid, freedom from restrictions and unity among us. However, as a Christian, something like a medical procedure should not be our great hope for the chaos that swirls around us. Fear/anxiety is completely threaded through the story; it is exciting to see the faith/hope/love shine through the Christmas narrative.

The chaos of Christmas shows itself in the following ways:
  • Troubled by the unplanned child (bride) Matthew 1:18
  • Fear (groom) Matthew 1:19
  • Lose of speech (Zachariah) Luke 1:19
  • Hillside interruptions (Shepherds) Luke 2:9
  • Fear of boss (Wise Men) Matthew 2:12
  • Fear of death (Joseph/Mary/Jesus) Matthew 2:14

Mary was afraid when she first heard the news. But when she saw him (the angel) she was troubled at his saying (Luke 1:29a). As the story progresses a work is done in Mary’s heart and by verse 46 she is rejoicing. My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit has rejoiced in God my Saviour. (Luke 1:47) The great hope came in a manger because an inn stressed to its maximum capacity had no room for Him.

Joseph experiences a swirl of emotion when he realizes Mary’s news. He has two choices he can believe Mary is lying because He knows this child is not his, or he can believe the story about the virgin conceiving a son by the Holy Spirit. Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. Matthew 1:20b.

One by one the events of the Christmas Story turn from fear to faith from chaos to order. God’s will to provide a Saviour is played out in each situation. Zachariah gains his speech back when the baby arrives. The Shepherd’s faith is revitalized when they go and find the baby the angel’s rejoiced over on the hillside. The wise men listen to their heavenly instructions and protected the child king. Mary, Joseph and Jesus were all kept safe because they responded in faith to a dream.

We can think about the chaos in the world around us and understand that the Providential hand of God still provides directions amidst our circumstances today. That baby in the manger is the “Good News” (the heart of the Gospel) and He has left His spirit to guide us through any trial including a worldwide pandemic. This Christmas there is more reason to celebrate then ever if we know the one who brings order to the chaos.