Climbing Higher

The truth about marijuana is...

it WILL impact your life!

Many youth today are using cannabis not realizing the impact that it can have on them today... tomorrow... or even on their future.

Our hope is to educate youth about the dangerous side effects cannabis can have on them so they will remain free to live their lives to the fullest... substance free.

Live a life of freedom.
Live substance free.


You should not be weighed down while shooting towards your dreams.
Life can be lived to its fullest when you are substance free.

Did you know...

14.3 YEARS

According to the Canadian Student Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Survey (2018/2019) asked questions to students grades 7-12. It reported the average use of Cannabis as 14.3 years old on average.


Marijuana Is Not Addictive


Contrary to popular believe people can become addicted to cannabis. Continued frequent and heavy cannabis use can cause physical dependency and addiction. While anyone experimenting with drugs would like to think this one doesn’t have addictive component’s that would be a false assumption. While it takes longer to develop an addiction to marijuana then other drugs, it definitely has addictive components.

Marijuana Is A Gateway Drug


Involvement with cannabis is often downplayed, with a fictitious statement about cannabis not being a gateway drug. As cannabis becomes more available/accessible it is increasingly emerging as a gateway drug. While a few years ago drugs such as alcohol and tobacco may be a gateway to marijuana and now marijuana may come first. It is proven that additional substance abuse may stem from the familiarity with cannabis.

Marijuana Has Long-Term Effects


The most difficult part of the marijuana journey is the long-term impact. Cognitive impairment and risk for serious mental illness (including paranoia) are all the results of connecting with this substance on a regular basis and over a long period of time. When adolescents choose to use they are at even greater risk of damaging their developing brain. Persistent cannabis use over 20 years was associated with neuropsychological decline, and greater decline was evident for more persistent users. This effect was concentrated among adolescent-onset cannabis users, a finding consistent with results of several studies showing executive functioning or verbal IQ deficits among adolescent-onset but not adult-onset chronic cannabis users, as well as studies showing impairment of learning, memory, and executive functions in samples of adolescent cannabis users
(Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2012).

Marijuana Helps Anxiety and Depression


Marijuana perceivably can produce a calm over a person suffering from anxiety and depression. However, the tolerance levels soon become maxed and more marijuana is needed to achieve the same result. Now the young person who started out with one problem can quickly develop a second round of problems from their self-medication. Frequent cannabis use has also been associated with an increased risk of: suicide, depression and anxiety disorders.
(, 2020)

Marijuana Changes Social Circles


Recently, I have been interviewing professionals who work locally in addiction relation fields. They all say marijuana has infiltrated all levels of the culture. Substance abuse is stealing the future of our kids across Canada including our Maritime Region. The misinformation in the culture about this drug has ambushed our kids thinking, with the culture telling them “it’s not that bad.” We all need to do our part and talk to the kids in our sphere of influence. Let’s walk in the freedom a substance free life offers. A Canadian study (just released) has uncovered that cannabis use is on the rise due to the pandemic. Please contact CAFNB Inc. if we can start the conversation with your group through the use of online platforms or in person.

“If I could go back to my younger self, who out of rebellion and wanting to feel accepted tried cannabis, I would caution her of how it has impacted every interaction since. Every relationship, every choice, everything.


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