Action News

Issue 29 – Summer 2021 (Special Edition)

The truth about marijuana is...


Many youth today are using cannabis not realizing the impact that it can have on them today... tomorrow... or even on their future. Our hope is to educate youth about the dangerous side effects cannabis can have on them so they will remain free to live their lives to the fullest... substance free. Let us know if we can assist your group in starting the conversation.


Cannabis Campaign

The Cannabis Campaign was born out of a desire to have an honest conversation with young people about the dangers of Cannabis. In 2018 the Canadian government passed legislation to legalize marijuana. While there are many political views on
this topic we don’t want impressionable youth caught in the crossfire. We want the facts about cannabis and the impact it can have on their lives to be clear. The Christian Action Federation of New Brunswick wants to empower NB youth to make wise choices.

Did you know that the average age youth are asked to try cannabis is 14.3 years? Our campaign will target the middle school age bracket and the campaign includes: a video to circulate on Social Media, several Social Media posts, encouragement for teens to take a pledge not to use/try this drug during their middle/high school years and by taking the pledge they will receive some “climbhigher” swag.

Climbing Higher has launched a new website and will be intentional about tracking with youth and their parents on the cannabis conversation. Please pray that the youth of our province will climb higher and realize their goals and dreams. Getting involved with drugs during their formative years alters their journey and takes them off course.

Thanks for your support! 


You should not be weighed down while shooting towards your dreams. Life can be lived to its fullest when you are substance free.

Check out the Climbing Higher video:

It was almost three years ago that the CAFNB initiated the development of a campaign to provide information to the youth of New Brunswick about the effects of Cannabis use. Our hope was to provide the youth with information that would enable them to make good choices. The Atlantic Baptist Foundation was presented with a proposal for a grant to permit CAFNB to develop the campaign. As Marsha described this launch is the accumulation of a yearlong effort by Marsha and her team. The launch of this campaign would not have been possible without the grant from the Atlantic Baptist Foundation. I would like to take this opportunity to personal thank the Atlantic Baptist Foundation for their on going support.


We would like to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of Matthew Hanson in helping to develop content for the Climbing Higher program. Matthew is a former marketing student from NBCC and current marketing director for the #ClimbHigher campaign. Captivated by imagination, Matthew cannot help but get excited about creating things for people. Whether it is strategy, graphics or videos, Matt gets excited to see a vision through to completion. He’s excited to work on future campaigns for CAFNB.


It is through the generous support of people like you that we are able to create programs that impact the lives of our youth. Through your support, our programs provide youth with information to help them make wise and healthy choices for their lives.


Let’s get the message out. Check out and share the Climbing Higher Instagram page. Here are examples of some posts that we will be sharing.

Help us get our posts out to those who need to hear them. If you don’t have an Instagram account that’s okay. Just let those around you know they should check out the Climbing Higher Instagram page: climbhighernb.