Experiencing nine decades of God’s blessing, the evolving history of Christian Action Federation of New Brunswick Inc. is a story of God’s faithfulness. In 1926, God fearing-men and women took a stand. Christians, believing they had a moral as well spiritual responsibility, determined to let their light shine. Convinced that a united voice of interdenominational, evangelical leaders would have greater volume and a greater impact on NB communities, they joined hands to form the New Brunswick Temperance Federation. Representative clergy providing moral leadership from evangelical denominations recorded in the minutes include: Anglican, Baptist, Pentecost, Presbyterian, Reform Baptist, and Salvation Army. They purposed to sound forth a united Christian voice warning the people of NB of the detrimental effects of alcohol. As societal needs increased so did the outreach emphasis leading to a name change - New Brunswick Federation on Alcohol and Drug Problems.

In 1991, the need for a Christian voice in the public square lead to another name change - Christian Action Federation of New Brunswick Inc. Aware of an evolving society, CAFNB enlarged upon its original mission statement to include the words - to provide education and encouragement for individuals and groups so that all levels of society may have sound reasons for making wise decisions regarding alcohol, drugs and other social issues.

The focus of CAFNB continues to evolve. Today our programming can be found under two headings: Know Boundaries and Experience Freedom. These days we offer a plethora of topics for youth that are both proactive (helping youth set boundaries in their lives) and reactive (helping youth find freedom from their current situations). We continue to develop programming based on the needs in the culture in and around New Brunswick.

We provide tools for public and Christian school teachers, guidance counselors, principals, youth pastors, Sunday School teachers, pastors. Our topics now span: substance awareness/abuse, media choices, character on the Internet, body image, dating, sexting, peer pressure, youth depressive disorder, media impacts, positive media application, bullying, and topics that inspire overall spiritual health from a biblical perspective. The board of directors for the Christian Action Federation of New Brunswick Inc. continues to be open to the Lord’s leading towards topics from a biblical perspective for the purpose of education.